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structure and fees | process with commercial projects


In the planning and execution of commercial and more extensive projects, where Sam Pellissier acts as design architect in co-operation with a professional team, the phases are:

  1. The evaluation and definition of the project;
  2. Concept phase;
  3. Development of the concept;
  4. Technical documentation and aesthetic responsibility
  5. Site management

1. The evaluation and definition of the project

A series of meeting takes place between the architect and the professional team. The following matters are discussed in general terms:

    • The guidelines and parameters of the project;
    • The possible underwriters and people involved in the project;
    • Provisional milestones of the project;
    • Extent of the project and projected estimated cost.

2. The Concept phase

The client indicates the requirements, introduce the site en determines the guidelines during the discussions with the architect.
The architect put the concept forward through a hand drawn sketch plan. The two dimensional planning exercise is supported by a three dimensional model. The model captures the guidelines and the client is able to visualise the project.

3. Development of the concept

The client gives feedback. The architect responds to the client’s comment and develops the concept ideas to complete hand drawn sketch plans. These sketch plans in turn develop into two dimensional planning, sections and elevation in relation to architectural terms. The cost and viability of the project is also determined. The client finally comments and criticism on the sketch plans.

4. Technical documentation and aesthetic responsibility

The architect develop sketch plans and construction documents in co-operation with production architects, the project managers, engineers, quantity surveyors and specialists to realise  project execution.

In extensive commercial projects the responsibility of the design architect lies with the implementation of the aesthetic during the documentation phase and during construction.

5. Site administration

The professional team hands the site over to the contractor. Regular site meetings take place during the project.